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Faith Formation

​Our children will need the love and strength that is provided by a strong faith life to grow up in today’s world. Church teaching makes it very clear that for faith to take root in the heart of a child it takes two important providers.​….The Family and The Parish!
Plans are stilling being made on how the 2021-2022 catechetical year will happen.  Stay tuned!

How does this work?  These steps will help you along the way  FindingGod
These lessons will help you journey together in faith with your youth    FG21

In the strange circumstances we have found ourselves in this year the format of Children’s Faith Formation has changed.  With the knowledge that we could not meet in the class rooms as we traditionally have, we searched for a program that met our needs.  Our desire was a program that had the following components.

  1. We need to transmit effectively knowledge of, and love for, Christ and his Church.
  2. We need to stay connected as a parish family
  3. We did not want to overwhelm families with even more “online” commitments.

We developed a program using the Finding God series from Loyola press.  We are very pleased with the way it works. Each month has a theme. These include God, Jesus, Sacraments, The Church and Morality.  One of the “bonuses” of this program is the fact that it involves the whole family.  The church makes quite clear that parents are the primary teachers of the faith.  This program fosters that involvement much better than our “traditional” program did.

The general outline for a month of Finding God is as follows.

  1. First weekend of the month. Parents attend a zoom class about that month’s theme. Therefore, the grownups have a clear understanding of the topic.
  2. Later that week the student do the first unit of the chapter with their Catechist via zoom meeting.
  3. The next four lessons are done at home with the parents.  Teaching aids are provided to our parents online.
  4. At the end of each lesson the student completes an online review.  This insures that they understand the lesson.
  5.   The faith formation Office receives an email verifying that the child has done the lesson. This allows us to answer any questions and verify that they are moving forward in their Faith Formation.

#1 – The Family

​Our teachings refers to the family as the Domestic Church.  In the family a child grows up observing adults who pray, who celebrate Mass and the Sacraments,  who live Christian lives.  Our Faith Formation office is here to help parents be the best example they can be. (see adult Faith Formation)​

#2 – The Parish

​It is the parish’s desire and obligation to provide programs to build on the foundation that the parents are laying.  The parish Faith Formation program strives to provide a deeper understanding and love for Jesus Christ, his Church, Scripture, and Sacraments.

Faith Formation for our children entering Grades 1st through 8th grades is undertaking a new look.  We will now be a hybrid type model — some with a catechist and some at home.  We are extremely excited to be rolling out this new way to live our faith!

Contact the Faith Formation Office with any questions about this program.​

2020 – 2021 Calendar & Information

 While the current issues surrounding the Covid-19 Pandemic have caused obstacles, we are working with the guidance of the Holy Spirit to develop new, outside-the-box ways to help our youth and families to develop and grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ.   Here is our 2020-2021 Calendar!  
IIf you have missed any of the meetings or have questions, please contact Mr. Martin and we will get you everything you need.

Our Catechists

Email your end of session results to your catechist

1st Grade — Miss Tina Mahallick
2nd Grade — Mrs. Jana Piersol3rd Grade — Mrs. Marianne Molnar
4th Grade — Mr. Michael Adametz5th Grade — Mrs. Roseann Bowser
6th Grade — Mrs. Adelle Slebodnik
7th Grade — Mrs. Maureen Ruschak
8th Grade —  Mrs. Maureen Ruschak

From Your Catechist

​Click on the link below for information from your catechist!

7th & 8th Grade – Click on the date below for a link to great resources from Mrs. Ruschak
Week 1
Week 2
Nov. 1
 Nov. 11
Nov. 17
Nov. 25
Dec. 8
Dec. 15
Jan. 15, 2021
Jan. 22
Feb. 4
Feb. 17

6th Grade – Keep track on YouTube for videos of information from Ms. Adelle.  Click on the grade link to go to our page.

1st Grade — Click on the grade link for a wonderful message from Miss Tina.  Keep watch on our YouTube Channel for more information.

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