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*Thank you to all our awesome Young Church members of our Parish.  You stepped up during this time as we gathered weekly in prayer and open discussion.  You attended some amazing Diocesan Events.   All in our new Virtual Faith World.   

Stay tuned for what is coming in the next few weeks.

 This is our house! We are the church of now!!

​We are a vibrant group of Youth in 9th through 12th Grade who celebrate and share Jesus Christ through works of mercy and justice, in all the ways that we worship, by growing in our knowledge of scripture, faith and traditions, and social fun. All are welcome to join us!   7th & 8th Grade youth are invited to join us as well for various activities throughout the year.


We offer:

  • A place for young people to use their God given gifts to make the world better.
  • A place where we learn to deal with the issues in school and at home, with the help of Jesus Christ and other believers. 
  • A place to grow closer to Jesus Christ and his people the Church.

 NCYC 2017

 DYC 2016

 4 Parts of Youth Ministry

Service – Works of mercy and justice….such as charity work, visiting the elderly etc.

Worship - Includes all the ways we praise God, Mass, Prayer Services, Stations of the Cross, Songs, etc…

Catechetical – Growth in knowledge about the faith, traditions, scripture, doctrines, etc…

Social – Fun time spent with other Catholic youth. Events like parties, hayrides and picnics fall into this category​

 Meeting Schedule

This is the schedule for the regular Sunday meetings.  As we move through the year special events will be added and meetings may be canceled.  
March 3
6:00pm - 7:30pm
March 17
11:00am - 12:30pm
​April 7
​6:00pm - 7:30pm
​April 14
​Tenebrae Service 7pm
​April 28
​Divine Mercy Service




 2018 Youth Honorees

Alicia Ciliberti & Ivana Stefancik




 Serving our Parish

 This Is Our House!