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 Faith Formation

Our children will need the love and strength that is provided by a strong faith life to grow up in today's world. Church teaching makes it very clear that for faith to take root in the heart of a child it takes two important providers.​....The Family and The Parish!

 #1 - The Family

​Our teachings refers to the family as the Domestic Church.  In the family a child grows up observing adults who pray, who celebrate Mass and the Sacraments,  who live Christian lives.  Our Faith Formation office is here to help parents be the best example they can be. (see adult Faith Formation)​

 #2 - The Parish

It is the parish's desire and obligation to provide programs to build on the foundation that the parents are laying.  The parish Faith Formation program strives to provide a deeper understanding and love for Jesus Christ, his Church, Scripture, and Sacraments.

Faith Formation for our children entering Grades Kindergarten through 6th grades is held on Monday evenings from 6:15pm to 7:30pm.  

Contact the Faith Formation Office with any questions about this program.​

 2018 - 2019 Calendar & Information

Our Religious Education Program is on MONDAY evenings 

There will be no classes on the following nights: April 15, April 22        
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 Our Catechists

​Kindergarten --  Miss Tina Mahallick
1st Grade -- Mrs. Jennifer Loomis
2nd Grade -- Mrs. Jana Piersol
3rd Grade -- Mrs. Marianne Molnar
4th Grade -- Mr. Michael Adametz
5th Grade -- Mrs. Roseann Bowser
6th Grade -- Mrs. Elma Sokol
7th Grade -- Mrs. Jane Komacko
8th Grade --  Mrs. Maureen Ruschak

We are always in need of Classroom Aides and Substititues.
If you are interested and able to help....please contact Scott Martin, Director of Faith Formation at 724-736-0158 or by email.

 Volunteer Clearance Information

As a reminder, ALL volunteers must have their clearances


PA Criminal History Check


Child Abuse History


FBI Fingerprint Clearance


Mandated Reporter


Code of Pastoral Conduct & Virtus

   Contact the Parish Office