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Liturgy of the Word for Children 

Liturgy of the Word for Children is for kindergarteners through 4th graders.  The children are led out of Mass prior to the First Reading and return before the Offertory Procession.  While they are in the Children's Chapel, they celebrate all of the parts of the liturgy that we adults are celebrating in the main assembly.  These include First and Second Readings, Psalm Response, Prayers of the Faithfull and the Creed.  The only difference is the language is adapted to be understood by young children

Please note this is Liturgy, this is the Celebration of the Mass; it is not a religious education program.

The Church encourages Liturgy of the Word for Children so that our young people can get to know Christ through his word and through the Mass parts in words that are not over their heads therefore boring or confusing.  Please encourage your children to be part of this experience.‚Äč